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licensed counselor listings
licensed counselor listings
licensed counselor listings

The Costs of eTherapy by Judith L. Allen, PhD:

Counseling fees vary throughout the country, with the level of education of the therapist, and often by the demand for an individual therapist. In some area of the country, the economy may not provide enough employment for the residents, and fees may be lower during harder economic times. Cost comparisons between eTherapy and office-based therapy therefore take into account many variables, and should be read as average fee and expense ranges.

eTherapy Fees
eTherapy (email exchange) - $25--$60 for 30 minutes of time, reading and responding
Chat (using chat software) - $30--$75 for 30 minutes of time. Can include transcripts
Chat (using Video software) - $50--$120 for 60 minutes of time.
Telephone Therapy - $60--$150 for 50--60 minutes of time

Consideration of Expenses Incurred in Conducting eTherapy
Website Development: $1000--$10,000 (includes time, technology, and software)
Website Hosting Fees: $ 250--$3600 Yearly
Charge Card Fees: 10% - 25% of Collected Fees
Charge Back Fees: 5% - 8% of Fees - Uncollected or Charged Back Services
Computer Expense: $2000--$4000 Yearly Repairs, Equipment, Software
Administration Fees: 30% Of Fees Collected for Group Administration
Liability Insurance: $120-$500 Yearly
Internet Service: $ 360--$2400 Yearly
Cancelled Sessions: 2% of Fees Collected
Internet Marketing: $ 200--$1000 Yearly
License & Assoc Fees: $600--$1,200 Yearly
Continuing Education: $400--$3,000 Yearly
Net Fees: (Approximate) $12 -- $19 Per 30 Minutes Time in Session

Office Therapy Fees
Individual Therapy Average Fees: $50--$120 Per 50 minute Therapy Hour
Group Therapy Average Fees: $30--$ 70 Per 90 minute Session
Telephone Consultation Fees: $25 - $ 40 Per 15 minutes
Family Sessions: $60--$150 Per 50 minute Therapy Hour

Expenses Incurred in Conducting Office-Based Therapy
Office rent: $6,000--$36,000 Yearly
Utilities: $2,400--$ 6,000 Yearly
Marketing: $500--$12,000 Yearly
License/Assoc Fees: $600--$1,200 Yearly
Liability Insurance: $120--$500 Yearly
Continuing Education: $400--$ 3,000 Yearly
Uncollected Accounts: 10% of Collected Fees
Charge Card Fees: 3% - 7% of Collected Fees
Insurance Denials: 5% - 10% of Fees Billed
Administrative Staff: $15,000--$40,000 Yearly
Furniture and Equip: $3,000--$8,000 Yearly
Net Fees: (Approximate) $30--$60 per 50 Minutes Time in Session

licensed counselor listings
licensed counselor listings